Vital Energy drink

 Vital Energy drink


Taurine, Royal jelly, Carnitine chloride, VitaminB1, VitaminB2, VitaminB6, Nicotinic acid amide, Anhydrous caffeine

Additional Info

  • Type of package : 50 ml Glass bottle
  • Quantity per unit/carton : 50ml/bottle, 10bottles/pack,
  • Suggested Intake : 1 bottle per day
  • MOQ (NB) : 5,000 bottles
  • MOQ (OEM) : 30,000 bottles
  • Price : On Request

Product Description

Benefits :
  • It has 3,000mg taurine.
  • This energy drink is very Effective to get an vital energy
  • Royal jellySupply nutrition for Physical exhaustion,During illness and after that,Have anorexia, Nutrition disorder,febrile debilitating illness, before and after childbirth etc…
  • It is mixed with 3,000mg Taurine which has effective of recovery from exhaustion and 60mg royal jelly which is popular among women.
  • Care about their health and want to keep an active lifestyle.
  • Want to improve their overall health while boosting concentration capacity
  • Feel tired during work or studies
  • Want to improve lifestyle balance
  • Safe and tasty to consume long term regardless of gender!