Probiotic Aojiru

Vegetable Green Juice


Peucedanum Japonicum, Green Barley, Ashitaba (Angelica keisei ) Dextrin, Lactose, Cornstarch, Matcha Green Tea Isomaltooligosaccharide, Lactic acid bacteria, Multigrain malt (barley, millet, rice flour), Vitamin B6

Additional Info

  • Packaging:2.5g X 30 sticks in a box

Product Description

It is a super food as it has multiple phyto nutrients like Peucedanum japonicum from Yonaguni, Okinawa, and green barley and ashitaba, blended in good balance with multigrain malt (barley, millet, rice flour); wth the added benefits of lactic acid bacteria, matcha green tea, which has highest antioxidant properties than any other food and beverage without food additives.

Benefits :
  • It is a supplement for a diet purpose.
  • It is a blend of Vitamins + Minerals + Lactic acid bacteria
  • Ashitaba (Angelica keisei ) traditionally is the herb that has Been used as a rejuvenating food that contributes to long life & and also treats disorders of the gastrointestinal system
  • It is good for the people who are fussy eaters and have junk foods and helps strengthen the digestive system
  • It dissolves well enough to mix with water or milk. Sprinkle the granules over yoghurt, cakes, or cup soup, etc.
  • Added benefits of Matcha Green Tea which has a higher antioxidant properties than any other food & beverages.
  • A person who wants to keep healthy immune system
  • Good for people who have the risk of metabolic syndrome
  • Those who lack sufficient intake of vegetables or do not like them to eat or who are on diet
  • Those who want to intake much dietary fiber
  • Those who are Vegan.