4 in 1 Collagen Coffee drink

4 in 1 Collagen Coffee drink


Fish collagen,Instant coffee,Milk seasoning,Sweetenere

Additional Info

  • Packaging:Aluminum pouch x 30 sticks

Product Description

Benefits :
  • Collagen improves skin suppleness, hydration and elasticity which allows its users to look younger and be healthier
  • Coffee can improve energy levels
  • Coffee can help you burn fat
  • You can get a collagen at the same time as you enjoy drinking this product
  • It’s healthy drink
  • It has 23kcal per 1 stick, so it’s sweet but low calories.
  • Want to have various nutrients that will stimulate body metabolism to burn fat, starch and sugar
  • Want to increase protein and increase body firmness
  • Want to improve blood circulation, provide better immune responses, control blood sugar level, improve colon health and improve bone & joint health
  • Who need a good-looking and smooth skin.